Turfgrass Management Combo

Lawn & Landscape Technician's Handbook and Turfgrass Ecology & Management are two "go-to" resources when you are facing turfgrass problems.




By Richard Kramer, Ph.D.; Cindy Code, Editor

Lawn & Landscape Technician's Handbook

By Richard Kramer, Ph.D.; Cindy Code, Editor

Paperback | illus

This field guide to turf & ornamental insect identification & management provides lawn and landscape technicians with unequaled information on the biology, behavior and physical characteristics of more than 60 commonly encountered insect pests in both turfs and ornamentals. You’ll find pest identification tips and detailed individual pest profiles with accompanying illustrations, as well as a full-color photo identification section featuring more than 50 insects.

Perfect for lawn care operators, training professionals, training directors, entomologists, regulatory officials, and technicians!

Turfgrass Ecology & Management

By T. Karl Danneberger, Ph.D.; Cindy Code, Editor

Hardcover | 201 pages

Turfgrass managers are being challenged to maintain quality turf more efficiently. The ability of green industry professionals to deliver high quality turf at all market levels has resulted in higher user expectations. But, in the face of rising public expectations, the turfgrass industry needs to address issues such as limited resource availability, and the perception that high pesticide and nutrient uses cause public health problems.

To meet this challenge, turf managers require more than technical expertise of how something is done but an understanding of what effect cultural or chemical practice has on that turfgrass ecosystem. This ability will separate the best from the rest.

For the advanced turfgrass student and practicing manager, the mission of this book is to stimulate and encourage the development of a working philosophy of complete turfgrass management. This book explains why turf managers do what they do and provides a framework in which to judge and develop management programs. Ecology, as a structure for turf management, is a viable alternative in which to describe and justify management programs that have not been fully investigated.